German heritage: World biggest Trump monument

Millions and millions of people from all over the world are prepared to give us money to build a Donald Trump monument in his small and lovely German heritage town.

You can be part of the movement. Please send us your donation.

Please mail to:    donald.trump @

In Germany, we even have a special word for all the smart Trump supporters. We are proud to be Trumpels. If you are young, old, female, black or rich, doesn’t matter. He, she, it, everyone can be a Trumpel.

Donald Trump monument design by the world most famous architect J. Gutenberg in an  isometric 1:780 ratio bipolar copper sulfate model, promoted by BAYER, BMW, VOLKSWAGEN and METZGEREI WUTZEKOPP

Yes, we will sell from our famous Donald Trump devotionals shop to you!!!

T-Shirt  << I’m a proud Trumpel >>


If you donate more than 39$ US-dollar (17€ Euro or 145 £ British pounds *) you will be rewarded with the most beautiful t-shirt.

*) all exchange rates already reflect Donald J.Trump being president of the United States and our very successful Brexit campaign. Turkish lira exchange rate will follow soon, we are in close contact with Recep Tayyip Erdogan to expand our business. 

Special offer:  << Schippe Dreck >>

Schippedreck1Everything can be aroused with a <<Trump Schippe Dreck>>, original from his golden German heritage town.  And when we say everything can be aroused, we mean everything.
What Donald is saying:
<< I tested it, I guarantee! If you don’t believe me, ask Melania, Marla or Ivana, or even better, ask little Marco, he is now on my side!>>

56$ US-dollar (27€ Euro or 177 £ British pounds)
Order now, will be sold out very soon!


Now hiring

We need minimum 345 sales experts.
Trump University degree preferred.

Please apply to:    donald.trump @



Donald Trump TV

I, Donald J. Trump, approve the following James Cameron video.

Let`s face it. The others will be after this chinese climate change hoax –
but we will become rich. The world will be soooo big when I become president of the United States. No limits on earth and in the skies.
I, Donald J. Trump guarantee!

Drill, baby drill, burn oil, dig coal, drive bigga cars, eat xxxl NY steaks, play golf and become very, very rich.
Fuck science. I am all the science you need to become rich.