Donald Trump: „Why I will never release my tax returns“


We know, some in the leftist media are cheekily [neugierig].

Donald: „There is no legal obligation to release my tax returns!“

My taxes “all approved and very beautiful”


“there’s to much to learn, business secrets, as you my understand watching my Trump University success story.”

Example: Mitt Romney’s returns revealed that he paid $1.9 million in taxes on $13.7 million in income, for an effective tax rate of only 14.1 percent. He is a loser. I don’t like losers. We all will win and win and win.  Full stop!

Billionaire Warren Buffett, meanwhile, has offered to release his own tax returns — “any place, any time between now and election” — if Trump will do the same.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has said he’ll do whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump including escorting people to the polls himself. Campaigning with Hillary Clinton in Nebraska yesterday, Buffett savaged Trump’s business record, questioning his bankruptcies and asking why the Republican presidential candidate won’t release his tax returns.

To be sure, Buffett isn’t running for president; Hillary Clinton is. No one would call the Democratic nominee a paragon of transparency and disclosure, as the controversies over her e-mail and Wall Street speeches have made quite clear. But when it comes to letting the public see her tax returns, Clinton is as transparent as they come: Links to eight years of complete tax returns are currently posted on her campaign website, and those are only the most recent of the more than 30 years’ worth of returns that she and her husband have released. What a mistake.

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